Month: January 2013


Moon Modular introduced a desktop casing series to hold one of their sequencers and one or two accessory modules to be played on a table or so. In addition they now make audio modules such as an oscillator, a filter with VCA and probably even more soon. Good looking big rack stuff and a good quality, just sad that there is just americans on five rackspace –...

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Tubes again..

Eric Barbour alias Metasonix complained about the americans who often dont like his way to promote his products – so the new version of a tubesynth is just called S-2000 having no additional name as the earlier wretchmachine. The cheapest metasonix product ever has now been released as the F-1, a tube distortion pedal. We brought some of them to get them reviewed asap. The unbelievable I-cunt (no pic here) was an exclusive deal with our american colluege analogue haven alias shawn c. who probably was quite proud on having such a peversive looking unit in stock for just his own.  Because we could not check the difference, I would say the F-1 is probably better and most probably much...

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  With  a dronebank, the wow-and-flutter module and two more things now Dan Snazzelle alias Snazzy FX enters the modular market too. His products are mostly colored so far and he is a special guy too, but very nice. We have been chatting some time about his modular visions and will go ahead selling the new stuff...

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