Month: December 2012

Thank you all..

.. for 2012, have a merry christmas if you celebrate, a good start into a healthy, lucky and peaceful 2013 if possible, Andreas Schneider and all at  Schneidersladen and friends.

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Schneidersladen closed ..

We are closed from December 21st 2012 until January 7th, 2013 towards Christmas, Inventory and new years eve. In addition we will have some major changes with our computer systems, so we will need the first week of January to learn how it goes.. and to get up with collected backorders then. So .. if you need something from us,  you better buy it now. Online orders coming in on 21st or later will be shipped the first week of January, but..  you will not be able to enter shop or showroom before January, 7th. Thank you for your understanding and all the best to you. Have a good time. Cleared / prepaid orders will be shipping until Friday morning! Very last day with showroom this Friday, 21st – youre...

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.. for quickly now ? .. we could mostly recommend the Koma Kommander, making sense for nearly everybody who is involved in what we do as long as he/she does not have it already (?).  If this is too much, you can just learn a bit about it with a great (german) book called Das grosse Buch zum A-100. If it should be a bit more, there are several monophonic synths in stock like the Magma, Mono Lancets and the Moog Minitaur, if a synth is not it, the analogue Moog Delay in its latest version as a very good tool and .. if you really dont know, just call us or step in with the story of your love and we will find something to make you...

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Towards the end of the year we are mainly happy about still being able to see you coming in being our friends and clients, thank you for your ongoing support. After we missed to send out any cards or christmas presents, we would also like to say thank you to our suppliers and partners this way. 2012 brought some changes with the shop in Berlin, we started a new concept for the London Testsalon and we could found a reliable distribution partner for those brands that would like to be seen in many shops over europe,  sometimes not even fitting to Schneidersladen anymore, but it will be good for most of us making the smaller things and shops survive. We hope that the year will end with peace in our countries even if we should be aware that our lifestyle is a reason for the opposite in many parts of the world. As we sadly know, best weapons are still made in germany, I only hope that some things can change in the future and that we can be forgiven. Merry Christmas, all the best for you and yours and a nice new years...

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Towards some further changes with our showroom at Rough Trade East in London we are selling out now the existing stock from their front desk. Its all just brand new stuff originally packed with full warranty held thru SchneidersLaden, Berlin. They still have each one SNM WSG, VXXY, OTO, Dark Time, Nanozwerg, (2x) MFB 522, MFB 503 and a Knas Ekdahl moisturizer, all of them for the best prices in Europe selling at RTE...

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