Month: November 2012

Girls&Ponys vs nerds&MATHS

Good morning – we are all excited like little girls on ponys when we heard that the maths (original version) will come very soon …. and yes – we have tons of pre reservations which we would like to fullfil asap – but we don’t know if enough units for all backorders will come at the same time – which means that it is maybe not possible to make all of you happy at once … pleaseĀ  ‘ ve a bit patience – we let you know when they arrive and if we can make your dreams come true....

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Syndaysizer Karlsruhe..

At Rockshop Karlsruhe (Germany Southwest) there will be a synthesizer day this Thursday. Together with Dieter Doepfer on the A-100 there will be Patrick Detampel explaining all the possible additions such as Midi and Alyseum, the Manikin Schrittmacher, a Sherman Filterbank, Vermonas FourMulator and more. So if you are around there, get this rare chance for first hands most competent information...

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