Month: September 2012

Analogue Systems..

.. Analogue Systems by Bob Williams is a eurorack modular that has started as one of the first in this size with the idea of making it a high quality system in a smaller size. Nowadays other europeans such as Doepfer and in between also many young americans like tiptop audio, make noise etc. are well known and quite popular for the eurorack A-100 compatible system but still this mother of systems – the “RS integrator” – is made in Cornwall and still available worldwide in a very good quality.  In the upcoming november issue of the Sound on Sound a report about Bob Williams as “the most successful british synthesizer manufacturer of all time” will be...

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The big mistake ..

Our onlineshop Schneidersladen did unfortunately not confirm the special prices in the checkout as promised on the web, so some clients did not confirm their purchase.  Now we fixed the mistake, and still have some of the goods left from our little Sommerschlussverkauf, please try again and have a good...

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