Month: August 2012


We now cleared up our stock towards news of any kind with a limited summer sale. For the next few weeks there will be products on low prices as long as stock lasts – some because we stocked too many, some because we like you and others because they are not that perfect, find you own decision over here to order online or not or give us an email if questions are left to...

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Sensors selling out now!

The EOWave sensor system has been a very good idea for creative works and installations of any kind but unfortunately nowadays people do the same with something called arduino more often. We still have a bunch of good eowave sensors in stock, mostly equipped with a 6,3mm jack already and would like to sell them all.  If you order more than ten at once (from stock) you could ask for a special price, if you buy the whole remaining stock, lets...

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Basic Electricity #5 Concert on the 31.8.

Hi Folks/ From our Friend Nav. we got the Info about another Basic Electricity 5 –  Concert on 31.8. in the Cinema at Kastanienallee 77  –  Berlin with Franz Schuier, Lu Katavist und Anthony Bisset – so ve a nice evening with some handcrafted analog music...

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Updates about synthesizer events and electronic devices for music and arts.

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