Month: April 2012

Synthesizer day now

This Wednesday in London we will celebrate our first synthesizer day at Rough Trade East. Starting at 2pm there will be workshops on modular systems with Andreas Schneider, Holger Zapf will be introducing the Folkstrautonium by Trautoniks over a Vermona ReTubeverb,  Steve Jones will be playing beats on a brandnew VXXY by cronic, Adam Lacey will perform the Alphasphere, Martin Klang brings his blipbox 4CV and Franz from Berlin will be playing the Testsalon. Later on there will be Wolfgang Seidel – founding member of Ton Steine Scherben – playing a Kassetten Konzert to finish the day with a good performance for all of us.  I am looking forward meeting you there hoping for a good athmosphere and a nice ambient, with warm regards from somewhere on the Autobahn (!). If you dont know about our London showroom yet, look this little film to understand – wednesday will be different...

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6 out of 11..

6 out of 11 of the most beloved desktop synthesizers from this collection (on de-Bug) are most probably bought at Schneidersladen, thank you and my congratulation also to MFB, the over all most prominent brand in this kind of  contest .. anyway .. better find your own unit with testing and listening to whatever you buy before you get...

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The Folkstrautonium..

A nowadays remake of the ‘volktrautonium’ once designed to make the masses play electronic melodies at home will be introduced on our ‘synthesizer day‘ at Rough Trade East this wednesday. Feel free to step in, have a good time and play some...

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Vintage MICs leihen ..

Neuer Verleih für Audio Recording Equipment Vintage Mics leihen ist jetzt möglich… check this out Folks!!!  In Berlin hat der Echoschall Verleih eröffnet, der sich insbesondere auf exklusive Vintage Recording Technik spezialisiert hat. Die Mikrofonauswahl reicht von legendären Röhrenmikrofonen wie Neumann U47, M49 oder U67 über seltene Bändchen von Beyerdynamic, Melodium und Siemens bis hin zu bewährten dynamischen Klassikern von Electro-Voice, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic und Shure. Zu den Mikros gibt es umfangreiches Zubehör (Stative, Pop-Filter, Spinnen etc.), das zumeist kostenlos dazu geliehen werden kann. Die MicPreamps sind Vintage-Modelle von Siemens, Telefunken und Neumann in professionell konfigurierten 19“-Racks. Das Equipment kann am Verleihstandort in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg abgeholt werden. Weitere Informationen unter...

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Eagan Matrix on Haken

The Haken Continuum Fingerboard has a new firmware now as version 5.1. It includes the  programmable synthesizer in the Continuum Fingerboard, the EaganMatrix. Edmund Eagan is a good friend of Dr. Lippold Haken and they both was our guests on the last Superbooth during Musikmesse 2011 introducing europe to the possibilities of the Haken continuum in general. Probably they was inspired by all those modular geeks running around there.  Have a look yourselves now, on their site you can find this PDF explaining...

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