Month: March 2012

The 2 Voice

Tom Oberheim is presenting his new 2 Voice on his website – a really wonderfull instrument – the first batch should come in the summer 2012       – pre – orderes can be done now...

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Leider nicht ganz unwahr

Ein Link zum Radiointerview von Sven Regeners ( Element of Crime ) zum Thema Urheberrecht (nur auf dt.) . Ein guter Denkanstoss , denn alles für Umsonst zu machen ist leider auch keine Alternative um gute Qualität abzuliefern. Hut ab für sein Statement....

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Musikmesse Frankfurt

Dieter Doepfer in person has been on Musikmesse introducing their followup model of the Dark Energy called Dark Energy II now ! Its Filter will be a state variable one with a shape-switch then, the price will remain the same, first shipments are expected for summer. Franz was helping to explain the monstermonstercase (see pic) to the audience in Frankfurt. Because it is a bit more complicated to understand the  uncounted possibilities of such a system, this one will stay in Frankfurt now on display at S-MUSIC, a well known biggest musical instrument store around… b.t.w. there is also one of the rare studio electronics code polysynths on demo and available from...

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…. last news on S1

The first batch of cwejman S1 will be there in around 4 weeks – the Inside is allready done – but the body needs more time to be made … we are always for the better results … knowing that lot of people sittin’ on hot coles… we hope that there is still some patience left … in the end quality counts...

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