Month: February 2012

Modulation Orgy, oooh nice!

Two things that can be real fun though, Modulataion and Orgy. But how cool must it be to have both the same time? Will this double up the fun? Probably! A look at the manufacturers website gains at least a lot of interest! But soon when we get the  fist, ah i mean first,  batch here we will know and...

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modcan rising

Modcan sent the first of their new eurorack releases, the TOUCH SEQUENCER. It packs enourmous functionality into little space. Up to 4 CV/Gate-tracks incl. quantizing of up to 64 steps. All controlled with a pen on the high vis touch display incl. velocity and gate lenth. It also features extenal sync and reset. Check it out as well as the future  releases to...

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Four VCOs at once..

.. available right now as Doepfers new A-143-4 quad VC-LFO/VCO modul – probably kicking some other polyphonic solutions in the moduars of the world now. Together with Vermonas Quad Midi Interface you can play it four voice right now for quite small money right now! (b.t.w. the vermona is in stock already or quite shortly and the pic of the doepfer in the shop will be changed soon, for details click this one,...

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Freitag gibts Radau!

Rastko is playing live this friday in the little cinema on Castingallee 77 in Prenzlauer Berg as Basic Electricity! He is one of the few people who likes those strange instruments by ciat lonbarde who also made that tetrazzy percussion instrument that you see in the picture. I also liked it a lot and bought two or three of them once, but they are mostly gone. This info I got from Navs who released even more info on this...

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Dark Times !

The Dark Energy by Doepfer unfortunately is discontinued and will be selling out soon. A follow up model will be released in Mai 2012, but slightly different: A 12 dB multimode-filter with LP, HP, BP, notch will be included instead of the 24dB LP now and the design will change a little bit towards...

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