Month: January 2012


.. gibts nach wie vor die GROSSEN MODULE !! What a big luck ! The gentlemen of Moon Modular still generate very well made 5 rackspace modular tools that are even better than they ever was, with possibilities that Generations before us had to dream of only ..  so .. ..Now they made another third even better version of their already attractive Quantizer Modul 565 (v3) now bipolar and programmable! Earlier versions, V1 and V2 can well be updated at the factory. Please get in touch if that could be an issue for you. They also showed a first wooden cabinet and racks to get all their modules  mounted up with a dotcom compatible power system. Give us a few weeks and we will show you a sample in...

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M5 on sale !!

If you are looking for something REAL GREAT, have a look for the sadly selling M5 unit in black from Hamburg here, Sunny must be very sad selling it. It this is too big for you and you want a real Macbeth, please wait for this little in-house-copy with three VCOs too kicking them all away these nowadays wannabe copies! After it is a real Macbeth indeed it could take another half a year – or longer. We wait in...

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Selling out..

And finally something completely different: I am selling out some demo stuff on a special list calles “Sale”to get free space for all the new stuff. You can see the offers here. IN addition we would like to get rid of the remaining stock of well done Curetronic modules, it is two complete cases and some more new modules with the original value of 3700 EUR, we are at a very special price of just 2000 EUR for the whole stuff, if that could be intersting for you, pleas ask Carlo or me for the specs, thank you. The dark brown case on top of it is a prototype by Trouby Modular, also on sale for just 899 EUR in...

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