Month: December 2011

Celebrate christmas

Yes, we celebrate Christmas, thinking about god and bad, about life and dead or just plus and minus, looking back to the year, saying hello to mum,  playing with the kids or just having a day off. Just one day? No – thats not enough, there is a lot to do though .. SchneidersLaden will stay closed after christmas .. yes closed.  We will rearrange the showroom as usual, prepare ourselves for a brilliant and a happy 2012,  making the inventory, clearing all open accounts and we will send out what we can, so if you are waiting for goods we could force you to get them before new years eve – who knows – WE TRY OUR BEST, but .. .. the shop will open again on January, 3rd in 2012 – have a nice time and a good start.. we will be here for you again soon. [mails could be hanging in the todo for some days, phone could be ringing and we dont take it, please forgive !!!! please !!!!...

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special prices..

To get rid of some elderly demo units and/or to remember you to some good products could not attract your interest for a while (perhaps we have too much?) sometimes we put things on our special prices list in Schneidersladen. A week ago we had Eobodys Persephone there for a much better price and there was many demand. Now we could get the very very last one from our showroom in the UK here and nobody takes it .. so please give us your price and buy the persephone now and also take the brilliant Vermona Action  Filter and some rare Analogue Systems modules and have a good...

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four to the floor!

Four is More ! Vermona now released their seemingly brilliant modular Midi-CV-Interface called qMI ! After Kenton released their brilliant Modular Solo for lower 200 E now this one tops all of the existing solutions with having much more than just four voices for lower 300 E. Open the link and see the big pic by clicking on the thumbnail to see the details.  And have a good...

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small bumbum!!

Probably the smallest 808 bassdrum in modular form will soon be released by Tiptop audio. We are looking forward to compare the sound with MFBs 522 that once could kick the competition as  a real Roland 808 and one of the rare Miami drummachines with its competent bassdrum sound. As soon as we got a first model from tiptop audio and could make a review we will let you know about it...

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Speedy times ..

Everything is fast, everybody wants to have stuff and quick and fast n SOFORT? Were sorry, but some things will never happen as you as our clients could think. I guess my friend Ken Macbeth is one those who will ship for sure, we just dont know when. Another friend of us Senior Cwejman will now finish another batch of his brilliant S1 halfmodular synth and we will have them end of January probably. And because it is a one mans company he will not do nothing else until this job will be done. So if you are on one of his waiting lists for more modular components, please wait in patience: We have NOT forgotten you and we will definitely get back to you as soon as we will know about their soon arrival .. .. and have a nice christmas...

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