Month: November 2011

flame talking synth

A good old friend of mine is unfortunately not compatible with the eurorack modular stuff, so he wants a good old desktop version of the real Flame Midi Talking synth – that we dont have anymore. So if you still have one, you could sell it at a good price to him now .. from the money you could buy the modular solution that is making the same job .....

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micro Hadron Collider

The new Micro Hadron Collider VCF by WMD could not have been sent for three weeks waiting for one little spare, now the parts came and shippings will start very soon! We are looking forward to some first modules within the next ten days ..  so, check the web, see the view and order...

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MOTM synth technologies

We ordered a lot of MOTM eurorack modules also well known as Synthesis Technologies. The man behind it is well known as Mister Paul Schreiber and a very very experienced modular manufacturer. Unfortunately we are not always sure, that he will get it done to ship within a week if he promises to get it done today, but .. quality has its price and so we wait in patience. We just wanted to let you know, that it could happen, that some of the rare eurorack  MOTM modules will be “restocked” in the near future...

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Macbeth studiosystems

It sounds good if my dear friend Mister Ken Macbeth from Scotland promises even more of his eurorack modules but it is a pain for us if clients dont trust in us anymore, that these will ever come. Indeed this is the very last way to remind him, that he already told about a “shipment in two weeks” before we left for a summer holiday...

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4MS pingable envelope generators

the first production lot of the Pingable Envelope Generator by 4MS pedals did finally arrive today. Preorders are shipped immediately, very few units are not yet promised. It is a eurorack module with possibilities comparable with those of a maths but even more complicated  , read about it...

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