Month: October 2011

Schneidersbuero live..

.. Carlo Krug, Tom Körting, .. Paul Schulz and HerrSchneider .. playin the merry-go-round live .. : 28.10.2011 high noon: SoundEdit (festival) – Lodz/pl 3.11.2011 – 11pm(23h): Kater Holzig (party),...

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copper lan ..

.. could improve communication in studios with midi and Lan and all about music a lot. Alyseum does offer converters to midi, kits to upgrade Midi with Lan connectors and modules to control CV/Gate or clocks from computers in the studio directly. The software to organize the setups easy from everywhere is free. If you want to know more about it, watch a video from this years musikmesse...

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David Lackey of Innerclock Systems soon (end of october) launches his SYNC LOCK PRO providing FIVE indipendent channels of tightest clock, availible on Midi/DIN Sync outputs + 1 analogue pulse output that may be switched thru many divisions using a footswitch. Eachof the channels is to be taken advantage of using the Sync Gen II software! Be aware. Price will be around 800,-€. In stock very soon. We start taking pre-orders...

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About us ..

.. there is a few lines about us, what we do and about my favourite video on this blog here.. in german, sorry! Also von und über SchneidersLaden, SchneidersBuero und vor allem das wunderbare Vidio über den Testsalon in London...

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Cycling 2011

A few CYCLEBOXES from Cylonix  in canada are coming in the next days…yes only a few, but we thought better than nothing it is to at least get a taste. The feature list is long, on example is Thru Zero Frequency Modulation, check it out here for now: More news after we mounted up one in the...

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