Month: September 2011

Crisis? What Crisis?

Towards more expensive production costs ( perhaps the euro is so bad? – is the whole world running into trouble? – could this be just greece?)  some manufacturers have to increase their prices right now: towards October 1st – this weekend – not just a few of the  doepfer prices will be increasing, some others will probably follow up very soon.  So if you just think about starting a system or buying stuff,  perhaps it would be better to do it...

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In November we will restock Piston Honda, also The Harvestman told he will release two new modules the POLIVOKS VCO and the BIONIC LESTER DUAL MULTIMODE FILTER. So please be...

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Pingable Envelop Generator finally coming

Soon 4ms will release their PEG (pingable envelope generator). Within the species of Envelopes i believe it is right to call this the new master!!! It combines an Envelope with a mix of clock mutiplier and divider. So its rythmical potential is high if not higher! Check it out soon!!!# – ooohh laaa...

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