Month: April 2011

A nice evening with friends….

At Saasfee-Pavillon in Frankfurt we had a nice evening-get-together while Musikmesse took place. Several Live-Performances sweetened the evening such as by Nav’s, 4ms family, the beloved Bulldogs and the handsome Ed on his Fingerboard! Here is a link to Navroz’s jam: as well as a look at the place we went: We kindly thank all the people involved to this evening ranging from our lovely hosts  at the pavillon to the guests we welcomed. We hope to see everyone next time, whereever that will...

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News from the west

Mr. Scott Jaeger told us today he soon will be ready to ship the new DOUBLE ANDORE modul shown below. We start taking pre-orders on this as well as on the famous POLIVOKS FILTER. The DOUBLE ANDORE is a dual vca/env combo. It provides two identical sides each housing an A/D or A/H/D envelope generator that may also act as an LFO followed by a dc-coupled vca switchable between lin and exp mode. Crossmodulation between the two vca’s is possible and the module is equipped with mix outputs for both vca’s and env generators. Numerous additional functions such as “freeze” (to mention only one of its unique features) for the envelopes form an output stage suitable for system where portability and functionality matter. Also check out Scott’s more detailed info here:...

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on the musikmesse..

.. finally we are complete now, the superbooth is ready to welcome you and over the day we will upload the first pics and movies to our picture galery. If you can make it, join out private party on thursday here in Frankfurt, we could realize quite a good line up for such a special come together. looking forward meeting you here .. soon.  Have a good...

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