Month: February 2011

CASE DIY and other stuff

Since more and more modulicians seem to head for personal casing solutions on base of wether Doepfer’s or TipTop’s and Make Noise’s parts availible to achieve power distribution we decided to set up a new category on the web shop covering aluminium parts same as screws and psu’s. We are also working to deliver hi-res photographs to show items in detail. Please note, Z-Rails and the Rails we sell are just the same. For the dramatic weight these parts come up with, we decided not to import Z-Rail by airmail after discussing this with TipTop’s Gur Milstein. You know we have to protect the environment…still… But for the fans of TipTop we had him send the Z-Ears still. These will also appear in the new category which will be switched on the next 2 – 3...

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Our new best friend is named Mr. Time Table! Time is pretty young and likes chewing on his thumbs but he knows how it goes  pretty well in the synth business even though! He mangles all sorts of clock signals same as audio material and we can tell he does it good. Also he likes being crawled at his two knobs so much that you can’t get your fingers off this guy. We heard there are some vidoes around to see him in action! So we shout out greets to his parents at Pittsburgh Modular and leave you with a good recommendation for this little...

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There have been chats on the wet about a problems occuring with malekkos Envelator, especially in conjunktion with the d-mod input. Since we and sure the customers can’t take this we talked to malekko how to solve this. It seems the pcb can be replaced what makes the treatment easy to be done. With the next shipment we recieve replacement pcb’s and will update our stock and then ship again. Please understand that we won’t ship any Envelators until the pcb’s have been changed. Already got an Envelator??? No need to worry, if ever something happens to it we will take good care.+ Thanks to Josh at Malekko for the good...

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