Month: December 2010


Paul Schreiber of MÖTM shipped a load of E-560 towards Berlin! So all the people who preordered might advise the payment now, then we can ship straight out after christmas. Thanks to Paul for doing what he...

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SCHNEIDERSBUERO will be open until Thursday 23rd and between Christmas and New Years Eve at the 29th and 30th of december only. We take calls, answer mails and ship, so totally normal business! After New Years we stay closed until the incl. the 3rd of january. WE WISH EVERYONE OUT THERE A CALM AND GENTLE TIME BETWEEN THE YEARS!!! …AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESUS OF...

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Orange patchcables..

Doepfers orange 50cm patchcables with angled jacks (each one) are not available at the time .. except from our showroom London. For any kind of patchcables ask at the Roughtrade desk, please (RT...

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Innerclock Systems..

.. did promise shipment within this week. We expect Sync Shift units and the famous Sync Lock units to solve your problems very soon. Please get back to us asap if you need one of...

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