Month: September 2010

watching totally wired

To see the film called totally wired about what we are doing here – there will be a public screening/viewing (??) in our neighborhood very soon: September 30st, (in time to our 11th birthday b.t.w.) we will give it some words and a patch in kreuzbergs club “west germany”.. read about this here...

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An AKG workshop..

..during the scholarship of sound there was ten students from over europe able to participate in several smart workshops in Berlin. One of them was made by us and we introduced them to modular basics as we always try to with new clients. This is a lil look back on it, we look forward to the next issue hopefully next...

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Intellijel Design has send us finally their little helpers that are so small and tiny that you will have no problems to find a gap for them in your systems. A multiple with just 2 HP and/or a buffered multiple and/or and AND/OR module as well as spok and more is now available from stock ex Berlin. Please ignore if you can not find these or others on the existing Schneidersbuero-Site, we are busy working on an update. Thank you for some patience and have a nice...

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Videoamt support

Finally accepting new media ways for old analogue ideas was a hard thing for me. An old friend alias videoamt brought me there and it looks like we will have some good fun with movies in our near future. Have a look and give it a bit, its growing right...

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