Month: August 2010

His Tightness!

Frustrated by unstable and delayed midiclock transmission??? Tired of not getting your external drum machine or favourite sampler into sync with your DAW??? DO NOT WORRY! Your Tightness is back: Check out the INNERCLOCK SYSTEMS SYNC LOCK! and wave good bye to your bad company! Availible again from now online and physically in our...

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24 hours live..

Electronic music created live on stage for 24 hours at once will happen in berlins club MARIA – August, 21st – 8pm.  KRAUTOK 2010 will be starting this saturday with a prominent line up to end up no earlier than sunday evening with an unbelievable cable salad and lots of fun live on stage. There is no vinyl, no CDs, no DJs but many hardware units (that you have probably seen earlier in our showroom). The very first time you can see Daniel from Elektron there live on stage with his OCTATRACK…. and you will have to dance the whole night long at...

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After we had to lift most prices for US-based manufacturers we are absolutely glad to announce that we could lower the price for Gotharman’s DeMoon down to incredible 290,-€! The little DeMoon comes with a stunning set of features  in a remarkably small casing. Almost small enough to be put in your trousers pockets! We found out the amount of money saved on this purchase should anable you to spend a small vacation in the country of DeMoon’s...

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Synthwerks summer sale

We at Schneidersbuero offer the  Synthwerks FSR-4 Quad Force Sensing Resistor Module .. now at a very light price of  just 179,00€ instead of 249,00€. This offer is valid until stock is empty! Thanks for reading now go make some… .. be the one and get it now at...

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Pittsburgh VILFO arrived!

Alright guys and gals, the first batch of VILFOs by Pittsburgh Modular arrived this morning. The modules are accompanied by an six-man-strong army of plastic soldiers and a sticker. Seven more reasons to grab a...

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