Month: July 2010

Haken continuum UPDATE

Mr. Haken from Illinois, U.S.A. has provided us with new on the Haken OS. Dear Continuum Fingerboard enthusiast, Version 4.08 firmware is now available for download for Continuum Fingerboards with built-in sounds. 4.08 addresses several minor issues related to our recent 4.07 release: • A bug fix for playing internal sounds at polyphony 32. • Corrections to the User Guides. • A graphical fix in the Continuum Editor. As well, there is a new naming convention for firmware data files, making it easier to perform the firmware update. The 4.08 firmware, Editor, and User Guides are available on the Download page: We have also posted additional examples using internal sounds: Thank you very much...

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Yeah, we haven´t been too active here for some weeks so in case nobody recognized: we got some deliveries from overseas recently. Here´s an overwiev: Snazzy FX (all three stompboxes) Malekko modules including the brand new Wiard Oscillator lots of Make Noise modules (except Wogglebug) Signal Arts Tetra Maps (see below) the lovely KNAS Ekdahl Moisturizer (sold out again but already re-ordered) a batch of 4ms Rotating Clock...

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Toppobrillo Sport Modulator in Berlin

Toppobrillo sent a bunch of Sport Modulator modules yesterday. They will probably arrive this week. click here for the SM web page @ Toppobrillo The sport Modulator has been inspired by Serge´s (in)famous Smooth and Stepped Generator (SSG) and each of the two units features VC lag, triangle LFO, Sample&Hold or staircase voltage generator, depending how you patch it. A comparator jack in the middle outputs gate...

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