Month: March 2010

Macbeth again!

After a few months of more important private issues Ken Macbeth now sent again some dual oscillators and the first bunch of the brilliant backendfilters that has been announced in his workshop november 2009 to come next week. So if you ordered already, thank you for your patience, if you did not you better do it...

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Metasonix coming!

Metasonix has now sent a first bunch of the R54 supermodule, what is in fact  a modular tube oscillator making his little series of modular components for the eurorack nearly complete (for now!). The oscillator is not yet uploaded to our webshop but you can send formless mail-orders if you want...

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tiptop to wait!

Some more of you are waiting for their tiptop products, unfortunately there is still a delay on shipping caused by some trouble with spare parts. Please have another little patience for their Oscillator Z3000 and the matrix sequencer Z8000 at...

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