Month: February 2010

About soldering a Bing Bong:

There is a (german) film online now explaining the idea of soldering your own first little synthesizer called bingbong. At the time there are still some participators welcome, the places are imited. So please feel free to join...

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About the Z8000..

Beneath other matrix sequencers and controllers tiptopaudio now released their Z8000.  The first quilified review online has been released by NAVs modular lab over hier!

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.. A new line of stompboxes for desktop use called SnazzyFX will be in our program as soon as they will be available. This could last til april 2010 as the inventor just let us know. We will keep you posted.

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TiptopZ ModuleZ

The Z8000 matrix sequencer and the Z-DSP signal processor by Tiptopaudio became very prominent since their presentation on NAMM.  Finally now they ship the first batch of these, both models are nearly sold out already so please...

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SEM or SEM..

After Tom Oberheim has released his reissue of the famous SEM module there is more demand also on the comparable products by Analogue Solutions. The german online magazine Amazona now did release a review comparing the remakes...

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