Month: February 2010

Leploop available

For one or two weeks already we have two out of those nice little Leploops by their italian inventor Antonio in stock. These units are not to be sold for 375 EUR only as it was posted on matrixsynth once, we paid more per unit ourselves – no shipment to germany nor VAT included (!). They are made even better now than ten pre serial models as reviewed in germanys magazine de_bug >(#138) but the new ones will sell for 599 EUR now, whats still calculated very friendly. If youre interested, please check out one of them in our showroom yourselves or just send us a formless mail, the item is not online yet, we work on it, thank you for some...

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Hinton modular switchmix!

Hinton instruments from the UK is an established manufacturer of professional tools for music for a long time already. Now we will be getting first models of their brilliant switchmix for modular use .. ! Looking forward to have it on demo here we just wanted to let you know about it in...

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More Cwejman modules..

Cwejman will be sending backorders this week, so we will at least fulfil your existing orders of ADSR-VC2, D-LFOs, RES4 and MX4S. In addition there will be some VCO6 available again soon, too. After having done this Cwejman will make more of the new ones again – BLD, MMF6, RG6 and CTG-VC – hopefully coming in a few weeks or a month. Thank you for your patience if you had to...

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SEM with Midi ..

The SEM by Tom Oberheim could be realized with the Midi connection soon. The hardware is in production already, some software issues could make us wait another two months or so, but looking forward to a brilliant and nice little tool to come we ARE...

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Workshops and Dates !

I just updated all Dates and infos i have about the forthcoming workshops in Schneidersladen for now. Please feel free to have a look and give us your confirmations as soon as possible if you are keen seeing people like Dieter Doepfer cooking something special shortly before the Musikmesse (?!) where we dont go...

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