Month: January 2010

DingDong but BingBong!

Do the DingDong is the first out  of four workshops that we will celebrate in SchneidersLaden until summer has come. Please join us and make your choice now, seats are limited as always, further infos on...

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.. there will be a new 808style stepsequencer called EUROPA by Analogue Solutions. He introduced the prototype to  us with hand written descriptions on the front panel, what we liked a lot on NAMM, now there is a first impression on his homepage, looks good too! We will go for it, you can preorder formless only – so...

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Bananalogue ..

.. was offering their eurorack version of aSerge VCS as quite a prominent module once. Now the Bananalogue VCS was topped in sales by a ‘dual version and more‘ called MATHS by makenoise . Also the VCS was unfortunately just never available. Anyway – now we heard that the inventor called seth nemec is planning to go further very soon working on new comparable products that we would like to offer, so stay...

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Updates about synthesizer events and electronic devices for music and arts.

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