Month: December 2009

Piston Honda

TheHarvestman is going ahead with making interesting modular stuff with good ideas and unusual functions here and there. The piston honda was announced to be shipped already but as usual it takes its time to become really good. So probably during January we will have a first model shipped over to finally let you know more about it...

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Pimp your a-119

We have been informed a while ago yet, that the doepfer modules A-119 and the A-138d can have a much better quality if you exchange the amplification IC against this one! its just about a few cents (excluding shipment and...

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Haken Continuum Workshop

The Haken Continuum Workshop part1 and part2 with Jan-Hinnerk Helms are now online. We had a nice time, learned a lot and would strongly recommend you to take part when we do it again.  Your very last chance for this year is the workshop with Jörg Schaaf on the Spectralis tomorrow evening. Rico will play a gig directly afterwards in the paloma bar...

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