Month: November 2009


We are starting a first series of workshops now to happen in Schneidersladen, directly at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin Kreuzberg: Every Thursday there will be a special Theme to hopefully introduce you to a new world of making music with electronics (?): 3.12.: Talking Macbeths ! 10.12.: Continuum Control ! 17.12.: Spectralis in use ! Each workshop will start shortly after 6pm to have two hours of concentrated work. Around 8pm we will have a break to eat a bit and drinks something to get back to the theme afterwards for fun if that would fit to your...

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17.12.: Spectralis in use!

Joerg Schaaf created an amazing complex workstation called Spectralis with loads of possibilities in music that has too often been misunderstood. To clear up the possibilities of such an individual tool from an experienced designer see one of his friends called Rico alias “lfo-one” performing on it. On December 17th the inventor himself will explain the unit as a workshop in Schneidersladen. You can learn about the ideas and you are invited to talk about your own ones. Later on we enjoy a live set by lfo-one in the amazing paloma bar above the kottbusser Tor. Schneidersladen, Am Kottbusser Tor Berlin, 17.12. 18h – 20h +X, 10 EUR p.P. LFO-ONE live at paloma bar, 17.12. 11 pm – admission free for...

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3.12.: talking Macbeths !

Ken Macbeth became one of the most prominent engineers and builders of real analogue hardware in modern times. Apart from his selfunderstanding as a musician he was making brilliant hardware as an engineer for other companies before he started to realize his early dreams as a keyboard player in a rock band. The M3X Synthesizer was the kickoff for his own company but became a mess for him because of his unexperienced start in business and distribution. After the Moroco he made the M5 and finally had a goal with good sales on a good synth and worldwide interest. At the time he is introducing the most advanced oscillators for the prominent eurorack modular system also to re-generate the original sound of old moogs with his range of quality products. His ideas for analogue keyboard synthesizers are not dead b.t.w., they just sleep, but .. ask him yourself: To participate this evening, please send your mail to and arrive to Schneidersladen on 3.12. til 6 pm. Schneidersladen, Am Kottbusser Tor Berlin, 3.12. 18h – 20h +X, 10 EUR...

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10.12.: Continuum Control !

Jan Hinnerk Helms has been travelling the world to find interesting musical instruments for nearly 25 years now. As a happy owner of one of the amazing fullsize continuums now he will be giving an introduction to possibilities, sound and technic of this handmade threedimensional midicontroller in one of our workshops. The Haken continuum controller is one ofthe most outstanding midicontrollers of our times, that is also able to control analogue systems over the optional continuum voltage converter (CVC). With integrated DSP-sounds now the continuum became an enormously expressive musical instrument itself on top. The workshop is limited to 20 people so please confirm your participation asap. If you want to join, please give us a mail to and be there at 6 pm that day! Schneidersladen, Am Kottbusser Tor Berlin, 10.12. 18h – 20h +X, 10 EUR...

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