Month: October 2009

Metasonix modules

The R52 by metasonix and some other modules are unfortunately out of stock at the time in schneidersbuero, but they are very attraktive for interesting sounds apart from just noise. In addition to this Video on you tube showing the R52 in use there is a great interview with its inventor Eric Barbour in this months german synthesizer magazin. In addition with the review about the latest Release called Assblaster KV100 it is a reason to go for...

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Bubblesound to come ..

There will be more bubblesound modules and also the uLFO to come in 20 days from now, as the manufacturer confirmed today. So please find your place on the waiting list now if you want to make the race...

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New topics ..

Once there is time, we will care for more new things to come like .. and/or .. and/or .. and/or and/or many more. We work on it but sometimes it just needs some time and help and patience. Thank you in advance for...

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