Month: June 2009


Very soon there will be a new module by the newyorican manufacturer Bubblesound! After his SEM20 Filter he is now working on a uLFO offering probably much more than just the LFO. We placed an order and will keep you...

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Tiptop Audio hat nach dem Multieffekt und dem Oszillator jetzt auch einen Filter gebaut: Der Z2040 ist heute gekommen und ab sofort antestbereit und kaufbar! .. Uhps:  Tiptop Audio released their Z2040 , a filtermodule after their Oscillator and their earlier multi-FX modul, all of them now available from...

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Mister Ken Macbeth himself came over today presenting his really existing wonderful new dual X-series oscillator for the 3 rackspace modular system. It will not take long time anymore that the first units  will be coming in to be sold. The frequency of both oscillators can be changed over a ten turn rounds pot as he made it in his earlier product M3X what was a brilliant idea for FM and modulations. Included there is a brilliant ringmodulator and noise and it is really two outstanding oscillators combined in a very smart way being made to play! The price is comparable to the size but it was much fun to put our hands on it! There will be a second  module in the same size very soon being a  brilliant Filter including envelopes and VCAs. The combination of both as we had it in our showroom today is something comparable with a real minimoog ! .. even better! Reservations/your orders for an Oscillator will be accepted from now on the filter will need a few more...

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AFG vs VCO6 ..

the Livewire AFG and the Cwejman VCO6 are two of the better Oscillators  in the same price range. They have been compared by our client and friend Navroz finding out that they are quite comparable (!=?).. so I mean check it out yourselves, touch it and listen if you can.  Unfortunately the AFG is the only one available from stock in that range at the...

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..module by flight of harmony <= f(h)> is not yet listed at schneidersbuero but available from Schneidersladen and it is spectaculary cheap. Here and there called a sherman for smaller money but still totally different. Look what our friend Navroz made with it...

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