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Krake Festival Berlin 30/31 July

krakenThis weekend the Krake Festival with lots of electronic live -acts & perfomances is in Berlin. Here and there you ll see some people of our shop as well joining a 12 hour Jam. On Saturday ,there will be a workshop zone held by Patrick D. with eurorack modulars during the LABEL BOUTIQUE from 2pm til 9pm.

Have Fun & enjoy the weekend

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Cwejman QMMF4 in stock now

The Mothership module is back in stock.
Click here for some more infos.


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Workshop July 21st: Ornaments & Crime (or: how to design a module)


It’s about time to reveal the topic for our special workshop and special guest: We are going to have a close look at the ornaments and crime module. Mainly the work of three people who met through muffwiggler, O&C is a prime example of what the Eurorack DIY community is capable of.

O&C is filling a gap: it is the only 16bit accurate microtonal quantizer. A quad one!! And much more… As it is based on Teensy many other applications are also possible: quadrature wavetable LFO, shift register, Euclidean rhythm generator, envelope generator…

Have a look at it:

We are going to discuss the design history, the programming, its functionality. The developer Max Stadler (mxmxmx on mw) will be present and together we are happy to answer all your questions.

Please register: write Thomas for confirmation.

Workshop takes place on july 21st at 6pm in our showroom (Kotti above Kaisers)!

See you. The Schneidersladen showroom team

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Solder workshop

To solder yourself a little synth may be an interesting experience for electronic musicians: Leaf Audio will realize another of their DIY workshops where you can learn such inside the KRAKE festival on the afternoon of July, 30st – Saturday. To participate please register asap via this side: If I got it right, you just go there to solder it together yourselves and sooner or later you will get it done and have your first own little synth – handmade, selfmade and to go.

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Workshop feat. Special guest on Thursday July 21st


Hello Patch People!

On Thursday 21st of July we continue our ongoing “how do you do that?”-workshop&discussion series at our beloved showroom.  As usual we will invite a special guest that will give us closeup insights in his approach to modular synthesis (to be revealed very soon). Until that:

Registration is opened and required, the workshop is limited to 15 people.
>> to registrate please send a mail to thomas<<<

Looking forward to see you!

The schneidersladen showroom team

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Concert in Frankfurt A.M. on Wednesday 13. Juli



Mittwoch och, 13. Juli 20:00 – 23:00

Deutschherrnufer 12

60594 Frankfurt am Main

mõnõraïn (FFM):
mõnõraïn sind 2 Forscher aus dem Klanglabor. Im Schatten blinkender Maschinen
verweben Martin Bott und Dirk Krecker die Echos der Oszilatoren, Bitcrushern und Filter mit zersplitternden Sparchproben und Fieldrecordings aus den Bruchkanten urban flackernder Stadtlandschaften zu fluoreszierenden Codes, die Zukunft behaupten. Science-Fiction für die Ohren.
Thomas + Ursula (Berlin):
Thomas + Ursulas Interesse beim Musikmachen liegt auf der Interaktion zwischen Maschinen und Performern: Mit modularen Synthesizersystemen, Gitarre und diversen Effektgeräten mischen sie Fehler, Feedback und automatisierte Prozesse zu einer improvisierten polyphonen Struktur vieler, miteinander verschalteter Stimmen.

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Mon Gratulation ..

IMG_0608vive la France (et l’europe)!

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modular beginners workshop Reminder:Thursday 7th at 6pm

Are you interested learning some basics about analogue synths and/or eurorack modulars? Did you wait for a good situation to post a simple question to one of our experts? THIS WEEK .. on THURSDAY (July, 7th) you are welcome to join another workshop for beginners inside schneidersladen. To keep a certain quality, the workshop is limited to 12 people, we will start at 6 pm (july, 7th) in our cosy showroom – there are some places left!

Please write to thomas or camilo via for registration, be there in time and just ring the bell at the kottbusser Tor. Looking forward seeing you!

the schneidersladen showroom team

events and meetings .., our showroom in Berlin .., workshop

workshops on a regular base at SL

Workshops_schneidersLadenSynthesizer-Workshops am Eurorack-Modularsystem machen wir jetzt regelmäßig monatlich für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene in SchneidersLaden. die genauen Termine und Themen erfahrt Ihr hier oder auf Anfrageper email von Thomas.

Synthesizer workshops for newbees and runaways will be held on eurorack modular systems monthly from now now. The exact dates and further infos can be found here or on demand per email from Thomas.

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Don’t panic! Beginners workshop. July 7th / 6pm

NVpw5fZ6PvMa0kI6LJaV5jKfL6xeY_hjR8i702b942MSOON. Thursday, July 7th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved and once again rearranged showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch after that …and have a good time.

Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some anecdotes about the history of (modular) synths and gossip about the Eurocrack scene.

Starts at 6pm / At our showroom / Kotti above Kaisers (ring bell: schneidersladen) / The workshop is limited to 12 participants:

>>> Please register: co@schneidersladen directly now !!! <<<

– See you there!!!

The schneidersladen showroom team