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Good Vibrations – History of electronic instruments – exhibition

goodvibrationstill 27 th of August you can see the exhibition  – Good Vibrations a brief  History of electronic instruments in Berlin

here a little video link.

at: Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung
Preußischer Kulturbesitz  / Tiergartenstraße 1  /10785 Berlin am Kulturforum


Tangerine Dream weekend in Berlin start 23/June/2017

TD_Poster_170623_RIXDORF_plainIn the 1970s Ballhaus Rixdorf (previously known as Weltfilmbühne or Rixi) once was a rehearsal space for Berlin bands such as Ton Steine Scherben, Karthago and also Tangerine Dream.
Due to a lucky coincidence of events we’ve been presented with the opportunity to return to this historically important location for a special concert.
Besides classics from the band’s catalogue Tangerine Dream will also perform a long instant composition based on the improvisation techniques of the 1970s.
Additionaly, on 24/06/2017 there’s also going to be a Tangerine Dream performance as part of the Berlin museum for musical instruments‘ (‚Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum‘) ‚Good Vibrations‘ exhibition.
Since tickets sold out for this event after less than a few hours we’re now even happier to have the opportunity to offer tickets for the Ballhaus Rixdorf event on friday 23rd of june here !

Capacity is limited to 400 spaces – so, please don’t hesitate and book now!

A Tangerine Dream weekend in Berlin:

23/06/2017 Tangerine Dream
Ballhaus Rixdorf

24/06/2017 Tangerine Dream
Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum

25/06/2017 Quaeschning & Schnauss
Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum
2x Workshops: Modulare Synthesizersysteme, subtraktive Synthese, Step Sequencing
2pm + 3.30pm

Concert (Synthwaves)

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DON´T PANIC! Beginners Workshop. June 8th / 6PM

darth cat


June 8th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.
Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so..
>>> Please write for confirmation: tc@schneidersladen.de directly now !!! <<<
– See you there!!!The schneidersladen showroom team

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Superbooth17 – Doepfer

Doepfer 1

In addition to the modules A-135-4A/B VC Performance Mixer and A-135-4C VCPM Quad Envelope Follower, which became available a few days ago, Dieter Doepfer showed several fresh ideas at Superbooth17.

First in line is the A-111-4 Quad VCO, which is composed of four oscillators emitting triangle, saw and pulse waves. Each audio generator features a tune potentiometer with variable range, a CV connector plus attenuator for FM and PWM as well as a hard / soft sync input. As with the A-111-1 High-End-VCO, the quad oscillator is playable over a range of ten octaves.

Doepfer 2

Additionally, Doepfer also presented the final version of the A-190-5, a polyphonic USB / MIDI to CV / Gate interface with four voices. It comes equipped with note, gate and two CV outputs per channel. Voice management options allow users two switch between monophonic, duophonic, paraphonic, polyphonic and unison modes.

Dieter Doepfer also showed the A-173-1 and A-173-2. Together, the modules form a button keyboard setup, meant for transposing sequences and so forth. Furthermore, visitors of the Superbooth17 were able to take a look at the A-138s Mini Stereo Mixer with four channels, the A-180-9 multicore adapter module, the A-150-8 Octal Manual / Voltage Controlled Programmable Switches plus the A-100LCM9 / A-100LCMB low-cost monster cases.

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Superbooth17 – Digitana Electronics

Digitana SX-1

Digitana Electronics started out with producing interfaces and expansion units for the classic EMS synthesizers Synthi A, AKS and VCS3. At Superbooth17, the company presented its first stand-alone instrument, the SX-1. It was derived from the Digitana Synthi AKS KS Expander and developed in collaboration with The Future Sound of London. The synthesizer features two analog VCOs, slew limiter and octave shift sections, a sample and hold LFO plus dual AD envelope based VCAs. Furthermore, the unit contains two 4-pole resonant filters, a voltage controlled slope generator as well as echo and distortion effects.

Digitana Halia

Furthermore, Digitana showed an early prototype of a digital instrument called Halia. It is based on two ARM micro controllers with separate stereo ADC / DAC audio sections and can be used as a pocket synth or Eurorack module. There is very little information on the Halia at this point. Digitana just mentioned that it will be capable of creating multi-oscillator drones, FM- and Buchla-style sounds. – We hope to have more information on this nifty little machine soon.

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SPECIAL EVENT on APRIL 25th / 6pm : ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE @ schneidersladen

SPECIAL EVENT on APRIL 25th / 6pm : 618-robertlowe @ schneidersladen showroom

Talk / Concert / Workshop with Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe:


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is a master when it comes to exploring the possibilities that lie within modular synths-

As a solo artist or in countless collaborations. Most often he engages in hypnotic drone like textures, also integrating his voice.

As a regular guest to our showroom whenever he is in Berlin, he is also of invaluable help when it comes to novel patching techniques and hidden aspects of modules.

For this event we present you with the opportunity to experience Rob Lowe diving into the depths of a patch and also having the possibility to engage in a fruitful discussion – (meanwhile/and/or afterwards.)

As you know every eurorack system is unique and everybody will develop a unique approach to patching. This event is about sharing our ideas, impressions, thoughts on modular music and opinions on favorite modules.

>>>April 25th / 6pm / schneidersladen showroom / 7EUR admission!<<<

>>>drop us a mail under: tc@schneidersladen.de if you intend to come<<<

We are looking forward to see you The schneidersladen showroom team


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Superbooth17 – Curetronic


Matthias Schmidt a.k.a. Curetronic will release his first stand-alone instrument soon. The Specht (German word for woodpecker) is a semi-modular synthesizer specialized in drum sounds. It comes equipped with an oscillator generating sine and square waves, a noise source plus a VCA. On the modulator side, there are pitch and volume envelopes as well as a LFO. Thanks to the semi-modular layout and thought-through routing options, it is not only possible to create kicks and snares, but a multitude of other drum and percussion elements as well. For instance, the LFO can be fed to the VCA for generating clap-like sounds. On top of that, the Specht is not only controllable via CV signals and MIDI, but directly via a built-in piezo element as well.

Curetronic’s Specht will be available this summer.

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Superbooth17 – Sonic Potions

Sonic Potions MoireSonic Potions announced at Superbooth17, that the Moiré dual phase modulation oscillator, the Manifold time and space machine as well as the Malaclypse fractal noise will be available soon.

Moiré features two digital oscillators based on sine cores. Audio material can be processed via saw and rectangle shapers as well as a wave folder. Each oscillator is able to modulate the phase of the other instance for Yamaha-style FM synthesis.

Sonic Potions Manifold und Malaclypse

Manifold is a delay and reverb processor, featuring a wide range of algorithms, extensive editing options and sync functions. The module works with a resolution of 16 Bit and 48 kHz. When synchronized to an oscillator, it is possible to create Karplus Strong effects. Manifold comes equipped with the following algorithms:

  • Basic delay
  • Granular pitch shifting delay
  • Tape delay with moving tape head and variable tape speed
  • Granular glitch delay
  • Multitap delay
  • Double delay
  • BBD delay
  • Two reverb algorithms
  • Chorus / Ensemble / Flanger

Malaclypse is a random module, which can be used as an oscillator, a noise generator or a CV source. It is composed of an analog noise circuit and an interpolator. The latter is able to process external signals as well. Four modes of operation are available, in detail:

  • No interpolation (Results are similar to the staircase signals emitted by sample-and-hold-stages)
  • Linear interpolation with or without resonance
  • Cubic interpolation
  • Threshold mode for generating vinyl-style cracks and pops

Up to ten octaves of random signals can be stacked with variable volume ratio. A Similarity potentiometer allows users to create drifting or repeating voltages. Other features include polarity and sync options as well as a 1 V per octave input.

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Superbooth17 – Arrel Audio

Arrel ER-150

After releasing the ER-100 Summing Mixer, the ER-110 Stereo Parametric Equalizer and the ER-130 VC Mid-Side Unit, Arrel Audio developed a high-end power supply for modular systems. Two versions will be available, each is composed of a module plus bus boards. Their technical specifications are identical. Both come equipped with short circuit as well as overheating protection and deliver up to 3 A at +12 V, 1 A at -12 V and 1 A at +5 V. The noise floor is very low.

What separates the two systems is the module design. While the ER-160 is only 4 HP wide and comes with just a power connector plus LEDs to check for proper operation, the 10 HP wide ER-150 features a big VU meter that shows the current drawn by the modular system. – A very nice idea. Additionally, the ER-150 has an output for feeding power to a second rack.

Arrel ER-140 und ER-160

Furthermore, Arrel Audio designed an expander for the ER-100 Summing Mixer, the ER-140 Summute. It is composed of two sections, each featuring four channels with input, mute switch and output. Additionally, there is a mix output plus gain potentiometer and saturation LED per group.

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Superbooth17 – Vermona

Vermona Mixer

Vermona presented a voltage controllable mixer with eight inputs, which is also usable as a multichannel attenuator, a CV generator and even as a step sequencer. The development is still in a rather early stage, meaning there will be some additional features, which weren’t announced yet.

Vermona Complex Envelope Generator

Furthermore, visitors of the Superbooth17 were able to take a first look at Vermona’s complex envelope generator. The module features four segments to create linear respectively exponential attack or decay curves with variable length. Using patch cables, several stages can be linked plus there are looping options.

Additionally, Vermona showed advanced prototypes of Random Rhythm, Twin CV Filter plus Expander, Unicycle oscillator and the Quadropol. All modules will become available within the next months.