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Mario Hammer @SUPERBOOTH17

During SUPERBOOTH17 we recorded a lot of great concerts and Performances. From now on once a week we release one of them on the web shown here and on SchneidersBuero at least. Mario Hammer, who made the very first so called Gesprächskonzert for AKAI, that was the...

KORG Performance @ SUPERBOOTH17

One of the uncounted real synth concerts and a really smart performance on SUPERBOOTH17 was the Gespraechskonzert  for Korg and Arp in the Cinema (open this link to find their complete 2016-performance, too). Jörg Sunderkötter - Sound&Recording's earlier chief...

Other categories

Five new modules by SNAZZY FX

Snazzy FX is back with some of its unusual analog designs. Anyone who has ever seen a Snazzy FX module will recognize every other module made by Dan Sanzelle instantly. Not only the circuits are special, but also the panel designs. From the legendary simplicity of the...