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Skinnerbox @ SUPERBOOTH ..

endorphines_shuttleSkinnerbox will play a so called Gesprächskonzert on SUPERBOOTH17-Saturday afternoon 5pm in the theatre hall for Probably Skinnerbox will perform on one of their first complete shuttles, now – here you can find their last years details.

.. btw. 13 DIY-Workshops will be held during superbooth with limited places available (now online). Soldering icons and everything else will be there, you just need to book your place now and arrive in time, there is plenty of time left for the rest of the show if you will be in town for more than one day (!). Look here.

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20170303_160127Please click on the pic to see more details. First come – first serve. Just available in the store: demo units and returns from 10% to 50% discounted:

DESKTOP: ERM multiclock (no usb) ,Innerclock Systems Sync Split , MFB Microzwerg – the last one
EURORACK: Terminal ,Sputnik Dual Oscillator ,Koma SVF1 Filter ,Harvestman Polivoks OSc …and MANY others
CASES: Frap Tools Zebra uno 84 synthrotek powered, Doepfer G6, LC6, LC3

(This all could have been sold in between, check these non binding offers out when you are in the store yourselves, please .. thank you)

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DIY workshops now online

bom_gpa-c6c6db14During SUPERBOOTH17 there will be up to six DoItYouselves-Workshops available every day for a limited number of participants – who would like to understand how to solder such little wonders yourself. You do not even need a ticket to enter the show but you have to book the kit including a place with a soldering icon and help for a certain day in advance, places are limited.  A list with all available options can be found here now.

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Workshop fully booked, sorry.

The workshop with Blawan and Sigha is fully booked already, sorry.

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March 23rd/6pm: BLAWAN and SIGHA @ schneidersladen

workHello Patch-People, Synthesizer-Enthusiasts, Modular-Addicts!
We are very honored to welcome James and Jamie aka SIGHA & BLAWAN as our guests on March 23rd/6pm. Please join that evening/late afternoon in our showroom! We will talk about how they work with modulars. As you know every eurorack system is unique and everybody will develop a unique approach towards patching. This event is about sharing ideas, impressions, thoughts on production and strong opinions about favorite modules. Beer and gummy bears provided! Entry is free but limited to 25 Participants. We start around 6pm this thursday in our showroom (Kotti above Kaiser’s)

Registration closed  – thanx for the Huge interest  / Looking forward to see you!!!  the schneidersladen showroom team

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RE upcoming Superbooth..

Our partner Cashmere Radio is opening up their archives presenting some rare recordings and interviews from last years SUPERBOOTH16 introducing their visions for this years convention. First episode is an interview with HerrSchneider to be heard on Monday 12:15 on Cashmere Radio here.

Cashmere will be streaming again plenty of artist interviews AND exclusively the daily aftershow events on board of the C-Base that can be reached with the boat shuttle leaving FEZ after 9pm and at midnight each day.

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Conrad Schnitzler – long radio night tonight

Conrad Schnitzler – long radio night – tonight at 23:05h (Berlin time)

today on Deutschlandfunk  – You can listen to the live stream ( )

or use Deutschlandfunks‘s recording app


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Und Manchmal Artet es aus

.. in Musik! also „Manchmal artet es in Musik aus“ ist der Titel der Langen Nacht über den Intermedia Künstler Conrad Schnitzler, der leider viel zu früh vor wenigen Jahren verstorben ist. Als Kunde von SchneidersLaden hat er sich gern immer wieder mal einen neuen Synth „gekauft“, den er bevorzugt nicht besonders gut zu verstehen gewillt war, um sich von dessen Klang und Geräuschebringenden Exzessen selbst immer wieder neu überraschen zu lassen während er diese aufnahm und zu immer wieder neuen Werken in seinem Kellerstudio kombinierte.
In seinem unglaublichen Nachlass gibt es somit Werke die ausschließlich mit z.B. einer Sherman Filterbank oder dem Cwejman S1 oder dem großen M5 von Macbeth (im Foto links: Dank an Max Joy) gemacht sind, die Instrumente sind seinerzeit immer wieder zu gunsten weiterer neuer Produkte zu uns zurück gekommen. Seine eigentlichen Werke allerdings waren wohl die Kassettekonzerte und sein Auftreten gegenüber dem konservativen Mainstream der (berliner) westdeutschen Nachkriegszeit der Frankfurter Oper oder im Stechschritt auf dem Kuhdamm. Ich bin gespannt.

Diesen Samstag auf Deutschlandradio Kultur ab 00:05 Uhr
oder auf „Manchmal artet es in Musik aus“
Eine Lange Nacht über Conrad Schnitzler

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Kaisers neue Schneiders ?


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Reminder! Beginners Workshop this Thursday/march 9th

Hello! There are still some places left for our beginners workshop!

Thursday march 9th // 6pm    —  At our showroom // Kottbusser Tor above the Kaiser’s supermarket

Please write a mail to : (Thomas) to register.

See you! the schneidersladen showroom team